I need help with my philosophy midterm class. My class called Business Ethics.I’m going to upload you the recommend for the paper. And please read and follow the recommend verey carefully. The only sources you going to use is: (don’t use any other sources)Basic Moral Philosophy Robert Holmes, 4th editionEthical Issues in Business, Donaldson & Werhane, eds., 7th editionOther readings ( I will upload you the reading and the note)other reading:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zspqng3x3e75mol/AAAOfwfNdSNDX-fdUgL89KuTa?dl=0Note:https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w5iar9q10v2ccva/AAA-SDPkqxMHg4SQ715iUBc6a?dl=0I will provide you the reading schedule as well just to see what he exactly covered in the class.It is 5 question. Each question the answers most be between 2 and 3 pages length.If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. Thank you!!Summer Business Ethics
Midterm Test
1. Answers to *each* individual question should be between 2 and 3 pages in length…double spaced! This will
mean test totals should be 6 to 9 pages. Word process or type your answers! Though writing styles vary, much less
than 2 pages will probably prove insufficient and anything much longer than 4 pages will likely be ignored.
2. All margins are to be 1 inch all around. All fonts used should be in 12-point type. Do not separate
paragraphs with extra rows or returns. Microsoft Word defaults to 1.5 spacing between paragraphs, or more.
You must correct that default in your paper. Do not repeat or retype the question at the beginning of your
paper. See the sample page attached for visual confirmation of the text format required. Failure to properly
format your answers will affect your grade!
3. The test itself will be open book and open notes. That is worth repeating: you may use any material from the class
– your notes, my notes, or even the books on the test. Note well, however, this is a test of your understanding of the
material from this class so you would be well advised to concentrate on the material assigned. It is not a test of your
ability to transcribe quotes. For example, do not simply list arguments advocated by one author or another. If you
do list an argument in premise form, also write an answer that demonstrates you understand the premises and how
ASSIGNED CASES. “Martin should slap the auditors because…” is sufficient case detail.
To put it another way – the answers should present your understanding and opinions of arguments and
materials covered in THIS class.
4. The answers should be your work. DO NOT turn in any work that you did not produce by your own hand.
5. You are required to answer the underlined question or questions. The material preceding the underlined question
is meant to direct you to the relevant issues.
6. You may answer any question, but DO NOT cut and paste any old material into your new answers. Take the time
to read, understand, and rethink your old answer to make it better.
Answer ANY 3 of the following
1. It is often claimed that Act Utilitarianism cannot account for moral concepts such as promises or justice. Rule
Utilitarianism is an attempt by Utilitarians to account for these deficiencies. Does Rule Utilitarianism succeed as an
attempt to improve upon Act Utilitarianism?
2. What is the stake-holder paradox? How is it resolved?
3. What is the morally correct course of action for Dr. Roy Vagelos of Merck? Why? Be sure to show how you
arrived at this conclusion and what sort of moral reasoning you think is most relevant to his predicament.
4. What should RUN Inc.’s Martin Field do? Why? Be sure to show how you arrived at this conclusion and what sort
of moral reasoning you think is most relevant to his predicament.
5. Does Plasma, Intl. have a moral claim (or property right) to the money they made by selling the blood they
purchased from the West African Tribes to the victims of natural disasters in Nicaragua? Why?
The next page will demonstrate the REQUIRED format for your answers regarding type face,
margins, spacing etc.
This is sufficient indentation to begin your first paragraph. Notice as well that I started
this answer at the top of page and just below the 1 INCH margin, that is, a 1INCH MARGIN
AROUNDTHE ENTIRE PAGE! Now suppose I am done with this very short paragraph.
See how I just hit enter /return, indented ½ an inch, and started typing again?!! There is
no additional space between paragraphs. I don’t care much about the font, but I do want the tests
typed in 12 point scale. This font is Times New Roman, but most anything will be accepted. And
for goodness sake, please staple your answers together! One and only one staple is necessary if
done correctly. Staplers are fairly easy to operate. Do not make an elaborate origami sculpture out
of your paper in the upper left hand corner just because you didn’t bring a stapler. I will probably
be nice enough to bring my stapler along.
Remember to hit a hard page return when you have completed an answer. The
instructions indicate that each new answer should start on a new page. Let’s assume I want to
give an extended quote or list the premises of an argument:
“Whether a quote or a list of premises, notice how the page is double indented and starts over at
the same point on the soft return. Also notice that the type face is reduced, and this part of the
paper is single spaced.
And here we are again back to normal. The purpose of all the above formatting at the quotation
section is to reduce the size of the quotation to leave you more room to expound on the meaning
of the quotation. Your words are more important than the quotations.
Good Luck!
Question #_________________________
Question #_________________________
Question #_________________________
Class 1 May 24
Class Introduction.
Section I – Introduction to Moral Philosophy
Part 1 Introduction to philosophy, argument in moral philosophy, descriptive v. normative
claims, justification.
Holmes chapter 1 on Required Readings PDFs on CANVAS
“Why Should I Be Moral?” Plato on Required Reading PDFs on CANVAS.
Part 2 Relativism and Universalism – Universality of moral principles, cultural diversity & ethical
relativism, the cultural status of moral facts, arguments from variance.
Read: Case Study – “What Price Safety?” on Required Readings PDFs on CANVAS
“Relativism, Cultural and Moral” Bowie on Required Readings PDFs on CANVAS.
Holmes chapters 2,11 on Required Readings PDFs on CANVAS.
Suggested Further Reading:
“The UN Declaration of Human Rights”
“Does Business Ethics Make Economic Sense?” Sen.
Class 2 May 31
Section II – Forms of Ethical Theories
Part 1 Virtue Theory – Aristotelian conceptions of virtue and the virtues, the golden mean,
happiness and eudaimonism.
Read: Case Study – “Run, Inc.”
Holmes, chapters 3, 4.
“Corporate Roles, Personal Virtues…” Solomon.
Part 2 Consequentialism – Utilitarianism, hedonic axiology, act and rule utilitarianism,
psychological hedonism, consequences v. consequents.
Read: Holmes chapter 9.
“Eleven Objections to Utilitarianism” Harwood on CANVAS.
Class 3 June 7
Part 3 Deontology and Theory Comparisons – Kantianism, hypothetical v. categorical
imperatives, formulations of the categorical imperative, conflicts of duty.
Read: Holmes chapter 8.
Section III – Accounts of Property & Market Rights
Part 1 Historical Accounts of Property – Locke and private property, labor mixing, Marx and
Read: Case study – “Plasma International”
“The Justification of Private Property” Locke.
“Alienated Labour” Marx.
Part 2 Property and Markets – Nozickian libertarianism, Rawlsian liberalism, just distributions
and patterns.
Class 4 June 14
Read: “The Entitlement Theory” Nozick.
“Ethics and the rule of Law” Lyons on Rawls on CANVAS.
Suggested Further Reading:
“Distributive Justice” – Rawls
Section IV – Corporations v. Individuals
Part 1 Corporations – Metaphysical and normative elements, group intentions, normative duties
and status of corporations, stake-holder theory, business and its relation to the state and
Case study – “Merck & Co.”
“Stakeholder Theory of the Modern Corporation” Freeman.
“Business Ethics and Stakeholder Analysis” Goodpaster.
“The Social Responsibility of Business is to Increase its Profits” Friedman.
Suggested Further Reading:
“Can Socially Responsible Firms Survive…” Frank.

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